Window Cleaning

We specialize in high rise, commercial window cleaning in areas such as downtown Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue, as well as residential maintenance in the Puget Sound area.

Our skilled staff have previously been entrusted to maintain the sparkling appearance of some of Seattle's most iconic buildings including:

- The Space Needle
- The Edgewater
- The 'W' hotel
- The Monaco hotel
- The Fairmont Olympic hotel
- Hotel Decca
- Alexis Hotel

These are just a few of the buildings we have maintained in the Seattle area.

We also maintain many more properties both downtown and in areas such as Tacoma and Bellevue and the greater Seattle area.

Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide references from any of our current or previous clients.

We also cater to many residential customers too who may need services such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, moss control in addition to window cleaning.

Simply contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to help you with any questions or to arrange a quote.

Professional Quality

Our team of fully licensed and insured professionals have over 25 years of experience cleaning windows in Seattle, serving many customers in the Puget Sound region - for both residential and commercial properties.

Dedicated to quality, while offering competitive pricing, our team will aim to meet or beat any existing bids while maintaining the exceptionally high standards our long time customers have come to expect.

We will be happy to provide references of our work from previous and current clients, many of whom have trusted us for a number of years to maintain their properties.

Our staff care about our customers and their needs and our aim is to complete the job done to the best possible standard with the minimum of disruption or inconvenience to you.

Ensuring customers are satisfied is our top priority so please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason.

Whether the job is large or small, our team will be more than happy to accommodate you and provide you with a first class service that you will be happy with.

Try our services and receive a 15% discount on your first cleaning.

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Other Services

Our team also offer a wide range of services available to both commercial and residential clients.

Some of our other services inlude:

- Gutter Cleaning - For a lot of our residential customers, one of the most important aspects of maintaining your home is to ensure your gutters are kept clean.  Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to leaks into your home.

- Pressure Washing - One of the biggest causes of deterioration in the home is through mold and spores.  If you have a shingle roof, mold can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your roof.
Pressure washing not only cleans the affected areas but also protects them from further damage.

- Bird Control - Nesting birds, while attractive, can also be extremely damaging to property - both residential and commercial - their droppings are highly acidic and can cause corrosion.
We employ a number of humane methods to remove birds and prevent them from returning

- Moss Control - Left untreated, moss can damage your roof - including composition shingles, as well as cedar shingles and shakes.  Pressure washing can remove the moss, but to prevent it returning additional preventative treatments are often required.

Contact one of our representatives to see how we can help you today.